Vagner Albino's book "The Wolf and The Tiger and other stories" standing upright, showing it's cover and spine

The Wolf and The Tiger and other stories

My first book. I can barely remember the specifics about it. I remember an american small time publisher showed interest in one of my manuscripts, perhaps this compilation of stories? Can’t really remember. They mistook me for an American citizen, and offered me a contract. When it came the time to sign it, however, they realized their mistake, and the deal was cancelled.

I took that as a sign that my writing was good enough to be published. Not stellar, really, but hey, everyone is a critic on the Internet, so of course people would always find something to complain about my stories.

I took it upon me to self publish the book. Or I compiled several short stories and turned it into a book. I think the former is the correct one.

The quality is kind of bad. The cover is a bit off center, it presents itself in an unconventional way. I like the simplicity, but overall looks kinda lazy. It was my first cover ever, and I’m pretty sure I used some ridiculous software to make it, so no wonder the result is dubious.

I was eager to get the book out there, so I didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about the presentation. The text was revised and proofread, of course, but other than that, I basically went with the saying “never judge a book by its cover.”

On hindsight, I would have prefered to give it a better look, but ultimately I don’t think it would have changed anything.

It saw moderate success. Since it was my first book, lots of friends bought it to support me.

The book itself is a collection of several short stories published on a livejournal I used to have. I wrote a lot of pieces back in the day, posting several a day.

The Wolf and the Tiger was the main piece, and one of my most popular stories. A lot of people liked it. It was also my main project in script writing class and it was among the top projects that semester; I did put a lot of effort into that one. So naturally it would be the one to take the lead.

There is a lot of experimental stuff too. Can’t say I’m too proud of this one, but hey, it was my first. Gotta start somewhere, I suppose!

Nowadays my standards are way higher. A project usually spans years, doing several revisions, working and reworking layouts… in a way it makes it tougher to finish a project because I feel like it could always get better. So… improvement…? Maybe not.

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