Trying to get back to writing

It’s been a while. In the past three years my life has been so hectic I barely felt like writing or doing anything artistic anymore. Due to the massive failure of my latest book, “I Had a Dream,” I had to get a regular job to make ends meet.

I now work as a web and graphic designer for a marketing company in Brazil. I am currently living in Canada, however. The job is not very fulfilling, but at least it pays the bills and I am doing something close to what I like to do.

In the past couple of months I developed a Twitch app that allows watchers to play a game while they enjoy the stream. My biggest problem with streaming was always viewer retention, so I thought a cool game that allows them to collect points for each minute spent on my channel and them use these points to take actions in the game would be a good way to get them to stay and not leave immediately.

Unfortunately it has been not been very successful. Watchers still leave after a while never to come back, which is rather disappointing. I know I don’t have much of a personality, but I guess there is no overcoming that. I am boring as fuck.

I might give up streaming all together. It takes a long time to set it up, and it tends to be a very expensive hobby too, with the internet bill plus all the equipment. Now that it is all bought, however, might as well keep streaming, but only sporadically, not sure.

I am slowly shifting my focus to a new project, probably written. I like programming simple things, and I also have an idea for a story driven game, but I don’t think I’ll pursue that route yet. Maybe if I find an artist to work on the visual aspect of it. Tackling it all by myself is just too much work.

As for writing, maybe I’ll use NaNoWriMo 2017 as an excuse to start a new project, or continue an old one.

In the meantime, I’ll go over my files and see what can be scavenged. Maybe I’ll even share some of that forgotten content here so it at least someone someday might see it, and not just me.

Either way, that’s for the upcoming days.

Take care,


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