Page Ranking

I was quite surprised to try a search for my name and realize it is not the top result anymore. There is another Vagner Albino out there with a common profile that gets ranked above my very own domain, which must mean I’ve been very careless with my page.

It is no wonder, really, since for the longest time I replaced my main page with a site for the card game I was creating, Demi. I’m pretty sure that totally killed my page’s reputation on search engines. Kinda funny how that goes. Now I have to build the reputation back from the ashes. Might take a while, since I’ll have to generate new content mostly.

Not sure it matters much in the bigger picture anyway, given that I have no books for sale right now and I’m pretty sure no one out there is searching for info on me.

Yet, it was disappointing for some reason. I feel like such a failure lately. All the projects I start never produce positive results and it always feels like a massive waste of time since what I create gets no reaction or interest from people.

Even though I don’t believe in curses, I’m gonna chalk this one up as a curse. Much easier to blame on something that is out of my control rather than taking responsibility for it, is that not right?

Joking aside, it is frustrating. What are the odds that everything you do always result in failure?

I guess I’m just not charismatic.

Or maybe too ahead of my time?

Eh. Whatever helps me sleep at night, I guess.


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