Card overview

Think of rock, paper, scissors, but with fursonas! Your special attack/power can be Musical Talent, for instance, and somebody else’s weakness can be music, since they like it so much! Following this simple rule, the combinations are endless, and the game is simple enough for anyone to participate and enjoy! ;3

First model for Demi, the furry trading card game, explaining each section

1 – CARD TYPE: The type of card/character you are. Can range from the usual types like warrior, mage, paladin, etc, to more unconventional roles such as loveable, focused, driven, impatient, inspirational, etc.

2 – CHARACTER NAME: The name of the card and your fursona/character.

3 – COLLECTION: Icon representing the collection this card belongs to. Each character can only be featured once in a collection (so, for instance, there will not be two unique Kattanaita cards in the STAR/FOUNDER collection).

4 – SPECIES: The species of your character. This can also be used as a second “type” for your character in attacks and talents as well.

5 – TALENT: Your talent is an ability that will become active once the conditions described in it are met. It will usually buff you or debuff the enemy, and it can be as useful or as pointless as you wish.

6 – SPECIAL POWER/ATTACK: This is the OFFENSE power of your card. It doesn’t need to be an attack per se, but this effect (the little circular icon) and value will be compared to your opponent’s WEAKNESS attribute. If the icons match and your value is equal or higher than your opponent, you win.

7 – WEAKNESS: The card’s defeat condition. It can range from common things like weakness to fire, to something more uncommon like weakness to rudeness, loneliness, etc.

8 – CHARACTER BIO: A short, max of 85 characters description of your character. It is usually just flavor text to make your character seem intriguing.

9 – BARCODE: Trading cards on the internet can be a bit pointless since anyone can just send a copy of the card to a friend. It is just a file, after all. There’s no point in collecting/trading that way. This barcode will hold ownership information, so each person will have their own unique card ID to prove they actually “own” that card. You can also use a barcode reader to read the name of the owner as well. This is for future implementation, however, since we’re just creating the fundamentals of the game for now. Either way, all unowned versions of cards will be always available on this site and everyone can save a copy of it for themselves. The owned versions will be rewarded in other systems (for instance, trading points gathered in streams for booster packs) for those who want to have their own personal collection of these cards.


We’re just barely starting. Feel free to suggest your cards with your own effects/elements/types and species. As far as those go, there are no limits right now, as long as it stays reasonable.

We’re counting on your contributions to make it more expansive and inclusive. We hope to turn this into something all furries can take part in. The fandom has so many unique characters, and also so much impressive artwork, so it seemed like a cool idea to gather it all together into something everyone could take part in — if not helping in creating/expanding it, then by collecting the cards!

Just bear in mind that the foundations have already been established. This is supposed to be a simple game of basically comparing cards with one another. In the future we’re planning on expanding it with new collections, effect cards, terrain/environment cards, as well as adding not only drawings, but also photos (so you can show off your character in real life, be it in fursuit or in any other creative ways), sketches, lineart and even an adult version.

For now, we’re starting simple, making this foundation seem as interesting as it could be; head on to the submission page and suggest your own card today! :3